Nimble Pharmaceuticals is a young pharmaceutical company created in 2005 and it is started and managed by people who have 32 years and 25 years of experience in pharma marketing.

Nimble Pharmaceuticals is serving in many therapeutic segments with extensive brand share in Orthopedic, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, General and Antibiotics.

“Nimble” the name denotes agility and light-footedness which inspires us to quickly respond to the healthcare needs of our community.

Our vision is to create employment and to relieve people from suffering.

Our mission is to increase our presence in Gynic and Ortho segment with more products.

  • To Achieve 100% growth every year.
  • To double employee count every year.

We value our employees and customers for others these are words, for us this is way of life..


Our Team

Nimble Team
Earthquake disaster relief
Earthquake disaster relief
Earthquake disaster relief

Nimble – A desire to serve!

A desire to serve, with all the verve
To heal persons of their malady
And bring in their life a melody
With our medicines and innate concern
Built over years, a deep yearn
Of trust and faith completed a Decade
Now foraying into future ahead
Of health, heal and service
Always at humanity’s assistance
May we be as supple and Nimble
For wellbeing of humankind, we hustle
And usher in health renaissance
For human goodness a quick response
A time to celebrate, a time to cerebrate
May the joy and thought reverberate
May we be strengthened by Gods will
To carry the task ahead uphill!